Batting 1000

I went to a Mariners game this weekend and saw that none of the players’ batting averages were over 300. It’s tough to get much over that in the world of baseball. One successful “at bat” out of three is a pretty darn good average.

Here’s the good news for those of us breathing today. We are all batting 1000. We have made it through every single “at bat” we have ever had. Every single day, even the hard ones.

And the older we are, the more hard ones we have likely had. We have lost people we have loved, opportunities we have hoped for, things we have valued. We’ve had hard days because of failures, rejections, betrayals, abuse, and health. We’ve also had days that just felt overwhelmingly difficult, for a whole bunch of reasons.

Looking back, there were days I wasn’t sure I would get through. When loved ones died, it felt impossible to keep breathing. When betrayal hit, it felt like loneliness would win the day. When spiritual abuse occurred, it felt like shattered faith could never be whole again. When rheumatoid arthritis attacked, pain and depression were the only signs on the road. I wasn’t sure about facing the days ahead.

But like all other breathing souls, I got through them. I kept facing forward, looking for some light. Maybe not actively in the moment, but deep inside I knew the light would win. It always comes to tell our darkness it can’t have the final say.

If today is a hard day, let’s remember that we have faced other hard days as well. And so far, we are batting 1000. Not a bad average for all the “at bats” we’ve had in this crazy game called life.