waterall flowers resilience

One of the most important qualities to have is the ability to keep our eyes on the good around us. It is knowing that we have purpose and that our lives matter. And that difficult moments don’t have to define our life. It is being willing to keep our eyes open to see those moments in context. We will always be required to wrestle with perspective if we are going to be resilient.

There are many ways to wrestle with perspective, but one of the most effective is through connection—from relationships that give us support when we need it. Our emotions are powerful and help us navigate life. Fear can keep us from danger, anger can help us make necessary changes, and sadness can help us process loss. We have to be brave enough to let them help us but wise enough to keep them from steering us off track.

Sadness can be telephoto during times of loss. And while that is okay for a time, those we trust can gradually help us look through a bigger lens. We can’t always see that we have been zooming for too long. They remind us of other emotions that we have to allow in for our health and well-being—like gratitude, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, joy. They  help us get back in touch with the enlarged view that has been just out of our sight.

Community provides a way to feel safe, and often, sane. Just hearing someone tell me that my feelings are normal can stop the landslide of self-doubting thoughts. When I have felt disoriented, getting together with someone I trust has grounded me. Standing right by my side, they have helped me turn my feet forward.

There is much value in social media, but I believe that as we interact face to face with those who we are connected with, there is opportunity to be changed at a cellular level. After being with a close friend, I often have an increased sense of hope. And strength. And a more positive outlook on life. Our thoughts definitely impact our well-being. 

Resilience is an enlarged capacity to embrace all that makes life worth living in the face of difficulty. Often it requires wrestling with perspective. As we switch out our lens to see the bigger picture, often with the help of those we are connected with, we build resilience into our character. And that creates an inner beauty that no amount of money can buy.

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