It’s All New

Back in the day, when a new month began, we flipped the calendar page. A new picture, new white boxes, new opportunities. Just hours have passed since the old month faded away, but it feels way longer.

The digital age doesn’t give us the same dramatic image, but it’s the same thing. When the first of the month appears, we begin anew. We drag out our tired expectations and breathe life into them. 

This year, it seems everything has been a blur. I recently commented to my brother that the uniforms are always more colorful on Thursday Nite football. Except, he said, it’s Monday.  I generally have no idea where we are on the timeline.

But today I’m grounding myself in awareness. It is the first day of December, the last month of 2020. And although Im tired of hoping everything will be different this year, I’m choosing hope anyway. 

Let’s cheers in this new month. Let’s believe that even if our circumstances can’t be all that different, WE can be different. We can drag out our tired hope off the shelf and believe it is now well rested. Despite what the news tells us or what the governors tell us, we can be socially connected one another. We can give what we have to others.

I’m taking a moment to mentally flip the calendar page, making sure hope comes along. Maybe it was tired at the end of November, but with all the time that’s passed since that month, it is well rested and ready to go.

Play the songs, wrap the gifts, sip the cheer. It’s a new month and hope has awakened to the sound of it all. Let’s be contagious and give it to everyone we touch.

Happy December, Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “It’s All New

  1. Thxs for sharing I am excited about this month and this helps me to remember to focus on each day the last month of 2020 the last month of my 60’s😳 Grateful to be alive❗️❤️ MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND🎄❗️

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