The Words That Find You

One of the reasons I love picking a Word of the Year is that it sets us up to get more of it. It’s the principle behind the Law of Attraction–the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

In a recent post, I wrote how “magic” became my word this year. Everywhere I turn, that word shows up. It still surprises me, and I hope that continues because it seems our words like to be honored like that.

The above quote, by author Neil Gaiman, jumped at me the other day and I’m sharing it, not just because it has the word “magic” in it, but because it is a great thought. It is my wish for everyone this year. I am going to write about good madness, fine books, being with people who think you’re wonderful, and creativity because each of those helps us feel alive.

But for now, Im just going to leave this here, and trust there is encouragement for this day. I hope that–TODAY–you surprise yourself!

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